AITalk 声の職人®  Cloud版
“AITalk® Koe-No-Shokunin®” service is now available on Web browsers!

Free access to 17 speakers in total! The cloud version allows for easy creation of voice narration

A business package software ”AITalk® Koe-No-Shokunin®” is now available on Web browser as a cloud version for easy and high quality narration.
A reasonable service with 15 standard speakers and 2 Kansai-dialect speakers, in total 17 speakers are available without any additional charge.
More effective contents creation with cloud version accessible from multiple locations!

AITalk 声の職人®  Cloud版

Characteristics of AITalk® Koe-No-Shokunin Cloud

Natural voices almost as if they sound like actual humans

Koe-No-Shokunin Cloud realized a human-like natural voice unlike the previous robotic sounds.

A spectacular variety of speakers

From children to adults, you can choose a speaker from the total of 17 standard/Kansai-dialect speakers for a purpose suitable for the scene.

Use of original speaker’s voices also available

The original voice dictionary created through the “AITalk Custom Voice” service which creates original voice dictionary allows users to use original speaker’s voice of celebrities, voice actor and animated characters, etc.
* An additional cost will be required for creating voice dictionary.

Intuitive and easy operation

With intuitive and easy operation, you can immediately start using this without the hassle of reading manuals
Try sample screen

Access to the most updated version at all time

Access to the updated version of the speech synthesis engines with no updating fee

Installation is unnecessary Available for use immediately after agreeing to contract

No need for a time-consuming process of installing the software.
After the contract is signed, we will provide you with the ID and password you can input to immediately start using.

Accessible from multiple locations

You can access from multiple locations since MAC address authentication and USB key authentication is not required.

Differences between package version and cloud version


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AITalk®4 Koe-No-Shokunin package ver.” is a software that enables you to make an audio file easily just by inputting texts. By using this software, anyone can make high-quality narration with the easy and instinctive operation. Also, emotions can be adjusted in the new version of “AITalk®4” *1 *Speakers who correspond to emotion include Nozomi (Joy, Anger, and Sadness), Maki (Joy, Anger, and Sadness), Reina (Joy), Taichi (Joy) only.