AITalk 声の職人®  Cloud版
“AITalk® Koe-No-Shokunin®” service is now available on Web browsers!

Free access to 17 speakers in total! The cloud version allows for easy creation of voice narration

A business package software ”AITalk® Koe-No-Shokunin®” is now available on Web browser as a cloud version for easy and high quality narration.
A reasonable service with 15 standard speakers and 2 Kansai-dialect speakers, in total 17 speakers are available without any additional charge.
More effective contents creation with cloud version accessible from multiple locations!

AITalk 声の職人®  Cloud版

Main Functions

Word dictionary function

The user dictionary function registers and saves names of people and places that are read in special ways. You can register not only how to read but also the word intonation.

Speech speed conversion

It can adjust speed in the range between 0.5 – 4 times.

Intonation adjustment function

It can easily regulate the intonation of the speaker.

Pitch adjustment function

It can adjust the pitch (tone of the voice) in the range between 0.5 – 2.0 times.

Volume adjustment function

It can adjust speed in the range between 0.5 – 2 times.

Saving voice all at once

You can edit and save multiple texts all at once.

Various count functions 

Able to count the number of letters of the input text. You can also count the duration of generated voice file in seconds.

SSML *available

By texting in the text box in SSML (markup language) format, you can control reiteration details. Selecting a Speaker / Adjusting Volume, Speed, Pitch, Intonation / Pause Setting / Controlling a specific part of sentence to read differently is possible

“* What is SSML (speech synthesis markup language)?
It is an XML-base language for marking texts with pronunciation, volume, pitch and etc. necessary for generating speech synthesis.

Screen Image



You can download the saved voice as a voice file to reuse and edit.


You can edit and reuse the saved texts as well.

Differences between package version and cloud version


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