AITalk 声の職人®  Cloud版
“AITalk® Koe-No-Shokunin®” service is now available on Web browsers!

Free access to 17 speakers in total! The cloud version allows for easy creation of voice narration

A business package software ”AITalk® Koe-No-Shokunin®” is now available on Web browser as a cloud version for easy and high quality narration.
A reasonable service with 15 standard speakers and 2 Kansai-dialect speakers, in total 17 speakers are available without any additional charge.
More effective contents creation with cloud version accessible from multiple locations!

AITalk 声の職人®  Cloud版


Output file format 44kHz 16 bit PCM Format
22kHz 16 bit PCM Format
16kHz 16 bit PCM Format
8kHz 16 bit PCM Format
8kHz A-Law   PCM Format
8kHz μ-Law  PCM Format
22kHz 16 bit Ogg/Vorbis Format
22kHz 16 bit AAC Format
Recommended Browser IE (11 and later) / Chrome (43 and later) / Firefox (20 and later)
The maximum number of synthesizable characters Approximately 5000 characters max per month
The internet connection line Required
Character code that can be read aloud Shift_JIS
* Some characters may not be recited
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Anyone can easily create narration

AITalk®4 Koe-No-Shokunin package ver

AITalk®4 Koe-No-Shokunin package ver.” is a software that enables you to make an audio file easily just by inputting texts. By using this software, anyone can make high-quality narration with the easy and instinctive operation. Also, emotions can be adjusted in the new version of “AITalk®4” *1 *Speakers who correspond to emotion include Nozomi (Joy, Anger, and Sadness), Maki (Joy, Anger, and Sadness), Reina (Joy), Taichi (Joy) only.