AItalk webAPI
Speech synthesis API
AItalk webAPI

Ideal for WEB services! Utilizes a handy yet high-quality speech synthesis

A service that can utilize high-quality speech synthesis engine AITalk® in SaaS format from WEB services. There’s no need to develop and apply the server for speech synthesis on your own, and you can easily start the service utilizing speech synthesis in various services such as web service, smart phone apps, and campaigns. It can also express emotions (*) which realized recitation in rich expressions of emotions that surpass your monotonous image of speech synthesis.
*Speakers who correspond to emotion include Nozomi (Joy, Anger, and Sadness), Maki (Joy, Anger, and Sadness), Reina (Joy), Taichi (Joy) only.

AItalk webAPI

Application Examples

Web campaign

– To plan unique and fun Web campaigns

– To carry out user-interactive campaigns using voices of celebrities and voice actors

<If you use AITalk® WebAPI×CustomVoice…>

– You can use the campaign tricks that reiterate the user’s input text into a voice of a selected person.

News reiteration application

– To deliver a real-time reiteration service for up-to-date news without having to record.
– To develop an app in which users can listen to the news in a self-picked voice.

<If you use AITalk® WebAPI…>

– It can reiterate the news in real-time without having a news presenter to read.
– You may choose from 4 men, 7 women, and 4 children, in total 15 speakers of your choice.

Voice dialogue

– To easily use speech synthesis while keeping the initial development and application cost low.
– To develop an app that realizes conversations with various characters.

<If you use AITalk® WebAPI×CustomVoice…>

– You can start a speech synthesis service while saving the initial development and application costs, such as server maintenance and monitoring costs.
– CustomVoice allows you to create an application that can converse in an original character voice.
*Voice dialogue requires additional system of voice identification and intention interpretation.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

– To make AI automatically respond to variable information.
– To use speech synthesis in interactive voice response while saving the initial and application cost.

<If you use AITalk® WebAPI…>

– Responding to variable information in real-time becomes possible without having an operator to respond.
– You can affiliate with IVR to create speech synthesis while saving initial development and application costs, such as server maintenance and monitoring costs.

Car navigation

– To be navigated by the voice without the information other than the destination names.
– To start small as an experiment to see how much needs exist.

<If you use AITalk® …>

– Reiteration of unrecorded information can be reiterated.
– You can start from 5,000 per month for experimental delivery of service.

Electronic books

– To add value to books by vocalizing the contents of the books.
– To pick a voice suitable for the book to reiterate.

<If you use AITalk® WebAPI…>

– You can easily build a system in which an instant input of a book’s text information becomes vocalized.
– You can choose a voice most suitable for the situation from 4 men, 7 women, 2 boys, and 2 girls (all in Japanese).