AItalk webAPI
Speech synthesis API
AItalk webAPI

Ideal for WEB services! Utilizes a handy yet high-quality speech synthesis

A service that can utilize high-quality speech synthesis engine AITalk® in SaaS format from WEB services. There’s no need to develop and apply the server for speech synthesis on your own, and you can easily start the service utilizing speech synthesis in various services such as web service, smart phone apps, and campaigns. It can also express emotions (*) which realized recitation in rich expressions of emotions that surpass your monotonous image of speech synthesis.
*Speakers who correspond to emotion include Nozomi (Joy, Anger, and Sadness), Maki (Joy, Anger, and Sadness), Reina (Joy), Taichi (Joy) only.

AItalk webAPI


Protocol format HTTP、HTTPS(REST)
Request POST/GET (encode synthesized strings in UTF-8 and send)
Response REST (Return voice data as a binary data)
Input method Chinese characters and katakana
Strings with prosodic marks (AI-formatted or JEITA6004 format)
Output file format ogg/vorbis:48kbps、22.05kHz、16bit
A -Law:64kbps、8kHz、8bit
Setting parameters speaker, volume, speed, pitch, intonation