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Handicapped Accessible Website

AITalk web読み職人
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AITalk® Web読み職人®
For General Industrial Corporations

・As a part of the Disability Discrimination Act

Regarding the “Disability Discrimination Act,” on April 1, 2016 in the website of the “Cabinet Office”, the “Disability Discrimination Act” has been put into operation.
As a result, for national or local governments as a legal obligation and for private businesses as an obligation to make effort, the following correspondence is required: “if the burden associated with the implementation of fault clearing is not excessive, necessary and reasonable accommodation must be made.”
A website is a media based on the character information, but we believe reasonable accommodation is necessary for those with disabilities who find it difficult to read characters.
Why not make a handicapped accessible website by implementing the “Web Yomishokunin” ,which can support the user’s understanding of the contents by reading aloud the website and at the same time enlarging the portion being read, and aim for a website where anyone can use with ease?

As a part of the CSR activities

Corporations perform business activities involving variety of stakeholders, such as employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, consumers and shareholders. Amongst them are elderly people or those who have a hard time reading characters.
Corporations are required to consider these users, where they can access the latest information (through the corporation’s Website) without any hesitance.
Implementing the webpage read aloud service ” Web Yomishokunin” which achieves a handicapped accessible website, will make it possible to communicate with more people.

For Local Governments

Achieving an easy-to-use website for the elderly

A wide variety of users visit the websites run by the local government and public institutions.
Due to the increase of the aging population, there will be more number of elderly users, and it will become important to create an easy-to-read website for the elderly. By implementing the “Web Yomishokunin” , even for the elderly and those with poor vision who find it difficult to read small characters on the website, there will be more options for listening to the contents of the website by sound. Furthermore the size of the character in the subtitle display can be changed, which will lead to having a website with high public awareness where people can easily have access to information.

As a handicapped accessible website

We will provide a website where not just the elderly, but also people of the visually impaired, low vision, and those who have difficulty reading characters such as dyslexic people, and colorblind people can use pleasantly.
The size of the characters in the subtitle can be adjusted in three stages from regular to extra-large, and the color of the character and background can be selected from 20 colors.

Characteristics of AITalk® Web Yomishokunin ®

WebWebsite Operators

It can be read aloud in the voice of your preference from a human-like, natural, and rich speakers

You can choose from 3 male and 4 female voices, 7 in total, to reiterate the website for you.

Equipped with a Dictionary Registration Function

You can register misread words, such as proper nouns and new words.

No Operational Burden due to its Cloud Features

There are no troublesome Server Administrations because it is a Cloud-based service. You can start immediately using the embed tag.

Website Users

Easy Use for Anyone

Easy use even for the elderly who is not used to using computers. All you need to do is to click the play button on the player, and the system will start reading the website that is open.

Easy Operation and Satisfactory Functions

The user can set their preferences on the character size, reading speed, pitch of voice, volume, speaker, and etc.

Downloads Unnecessary

If the page is already installed, there is no need for troublesome downloading and installing software.

Main Browsers (IE:11- / Chrome (43-) / Firefox (20-) / Safari (6-))
Corresponds to Android 4.4-, iOS 8.1-(However, it may not operate on certain browser

Main Functions of AITalk® Web Yomishokunin ®

Read Aloud Function

  • When clicking the play button on the player, it reads aloud the website *1
  • You can change the voice of the website read aloud
  • You can adjust the volume, speed and pitch of the voice *2
  • You can set the range of section that is read aloud
  • It can read aloud only the section selected with the mouse
  • You can also set it to read aloud links and images as well

*1 The read aloud language is only available in Japanese. We thank you for your understanding.
*2 You cannot change the volume on the mobile or tablet

Visual Effects

  • It can highlight the character string that is read aloud.
  • It can show the character string that is read aloud as subtitles. You can choose the size of the characters.
  • You can select the design of the player.

Price of AITalk® Web Yomishokunin ®

Please refer to the inquiry form by filling out the necessary information for further information.
We will have a person in charge contact you back within two business days.

The Flow of Implementation

Please refer to the inquiry form by filling out the necessary information for further information.
We will have a person in charge contact you back within two business days.