Speech synthesis made possible of your voice or his voice. AITalk® Custom Voice®


Speech synthesis made possible of your voice or his voice.

This is a custom service to create an original Japanese voice dictionary by recording your voice or the voice of entertainers or voice actors. All you need to do is to type texts to create real personal voices, and you can develop various contents for WEB campaigns, smartphone applications and games.
Service Arrangement Japanese voice dictionary creation service Main usage WEB campaign & WEB services / smartphone applications / games

AITalk® Custom Voice® Demonstration


AITalk® Custom Voice® Application Examples


Applies for campaigns and web services

The voice of entertainers and animation used in TV commercials. You can develop striking campaigns with AITalk® Custom Voice®.


Smartphone applications

AITalk® Custom Voice® enables you to develop interactive contents you have never seen before, such as apps where you can converse with animation characters.



With AITalk® Custom Voice, the characters inside the games, such as the popular romance simulation games can call your name. Furthermore, it will help you produce games with a sense of reality

Price / Production flow

AITalk® Custom Voice® Plans, Price, and Production Flow

Bronze Plan
Silver Plan
Gold Plan
Platinum Plan
The number of recorded voice Predefined text 205 Predefined text 205 Predefined text 676 Predefined text 676 Predefined text 676 + Original text within 200
Price 400,000 yen 900,000 yen 3,000,000 yen 5,000,000 yen
Recording time About 1 hour About 2 – 3 hours About 6 – 7 hours About 7 – 8 hours
Recording methods Recording by IC Recorders Recording in our company designated studio (Shibuya) Recording in our company designated studio (Shibuya) Recording in our company designated studio (Shibuya)
Production period About 1- 2weeks About 2weeks -1month About 1month – 1.5months About 2months
* The prices above do not include tax.
* In addition to the voice dictionary creating cost, and additional cost for license will be charged for a separate speech synthesis engine For more information about license costs, please make a separate inquiry.
* In the case of the recording in Osaka, an additional cost of 200,000 yen will be charged.
* Please contact us if you would like to record in our company designated studio.
* Concerning the bronze plan, a special estimate will be charged, in case you wish to record outside of Tokyo and three prefectures (Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba). Please contact us for more detail.

AITalk® Custom Voice® Production Flow

Step.1 – Decide the number of recording texts

Budget, applications, perfection level (What and how you want the voice to read out loud) Please decide the plan according to the conditions above.

Step.2 – Recordings

Recordings will be made by reading out loud the specified text, corresponding to the method of each plan. Recording time will vary depending on the number of text, speed, misreading, but in general, it will take about 1 – 5 hours.

Step.3 – Create the voice dictionary.

The recorded voice will be converted into a dictionary for speech synthesis in our company.

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