About us
Since the establishment in 2003, we have advanced our businesses as a manufacturer specialized in speech synthesis in pursuit of creating a culture of the 21st century that sound technology pioneers under the following corporate missions.

Corporate Mission

Enriching our society with sound technology

To create a new culture of sound information and contribute to the improvement of daily life culture through application development and service provision of sound technology.


Providing “convenience” and “joy” through creating voices


To continue providing sound technology to thrive our society


To keep being the pioneer and NO.1 company for sound technology

  1. To provide Joy and happiness through our service and technology
  2. To grow and create a prosperous future with our customers and employees
  3. To thrive each day with each step we take


We have designed our symbol [AI] using [ai] to express amiability, flexibility and growth with an addition of features imaging a [voice], [speech bubble] and a [person].
The curves of the symbol represent kindness, warmth and consideration, staying close together with our sound technology.


  • To always achieve new skills and technology.
  • To be a considerate employee and progress with our customers and friends.
  • To thrive with ambition and achieve a prosperous growth.